A Word from the Editor – Fall 2017

Since the first issue of Assisi was published in Spring 2010, I have looked toward the time when the journal would have its own dedicated web site. Now, thanks to the generosity of a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, Assisi has such a web site.

There is always a need for journals that hold themselves to a high standard and are also willing to provide space for art and literature that are different or challenging. Assisi has become a home for both secular and spiritual works, and because my vision as Editor is the driving force behind the publication there is leeway to allow for experimentation and change. Assisi is able to publish a long poetry sequence, or micro-fiction, or a hybrid work of literature and art, without compromising the overall aesthetics of the journal.

So, Gentle Reader, I invite you to explore this new issue of Assisi. Let me know what you think, the good and the bad, by e-mailing me at wgalgan@sfc.edu. Consider submitting your own work and encouraging others to submit as well.

As we begin this next phase of Assisi’s evolution, I am so very glad that you are along for the journey.

Wendy Galgan
Brooklyn, New York
December 26, 2017