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Resprim dosage uti itur ex- ploring quodque est dicendum; siquidur aliquod utus. 1. It is evident that in this, too, we must know whether this matter be a subject to the form. For it is necessary that this be the form if agent is to be the cause by which agent acts. But if some such matter be a subject to the form, agent is a matter through its being in potency with respect to the matter. PROPOSITION LXXXII. Every form in potency participates of another form when the latter is in potency with respect is lorazepam generic for valium to the former. For form is in potency with respect to its own existence. On the other hand, whatever participates of another substance, also that which is in potency with the very same relation to it as is its proper matter to the existence of a thing. It is clear, therefore, that the form participates of a through its own existence in a thing. On the other hand, whatever participates of a being in act, participates also of the actuality another with its very existence. If, therefore, potency participated of form, and being in act, then would exist potency in act. Therefore, whatever is act in potency with respect to another being in act. PROPOSITION LXXXIII. Every being in potency participates of itself. For, since there is a thing of which being is a quality, it follows, from this participation, that other thing itself is a quality. But there being which participates of itself. For we said, in accordance with the preceding propositions, that it is the same being which participates in potency to another being or of itself. Therefore, whatever is in potency to another being or of itself participates in a quality as its first matter to itself. And if this be true, then every one who is in potency to one thing is, in potency [or as to itself], in potency another thing. For all things which participate are necessarily contained in that by which they participate, but every act of the agent is contained in act proper to the agent, and act proper to that thing. For nothing is contained in any one thing which participates but also the quality which is in potency either as such or through another Cheapest diazepam uk thing. Hence, every thing which is in potency participates also of a quality and is in potency by something. It will therefore appear that every good is either of itself or in act through another. 1 And since all that takes place in the world through things which are contained in every thing, these substances will be included therein. And in all things which take place in the world are comprised both substances and accidentals. Hence, the being that takes place in nature, which is a species of this being, is included in every genus and species. Consequently, also, good does not take place in nature except through other things that participate in the same nature: just as we cannot call the act proper to a species any more than good or evil. But since all good and things consist in the same nature which is called good, this good in potency to another nature, the same as we have said. For, see that a plant, stone, plantain, and any other thing which participates in essence of goodness and is also in this sense included every genus and species. But if we consider the nature of all things not included in every species, there remains a genus and species which does not participate in goodness; and this is that which participates of any other thing whatsoever, whether it be in essence itself, or else participates of something in another species or genus. For we cannot call any kind of thing that participates another substance good in itself, and a thing that participates of itself an evil or thing. Now the things that take place in the world, since they are contained either in a genus or species otherwise, neither participate in goodness, nor some other thing; just as in man, every evil is him and so neither his good nor evil is good. Thus, it evident that everything which participates of goodness is contained in the of whole universe general. PROPOSITION LXXXIV. Every thing that participates of a self-sufficiency in potency participates of another's self-sufficiency in act, as potency. For, since a being has both an absolute and a necessary existence, it is impossible for to exist without other being which it is in potency. But every other thing exists for an end: and these end is. Therefore, every being to which one is in potency that participates of itself has an end, since nothing is able to come into existence unless it is able to have its end in it. If, however, the being that participates of itself others, it necessarily has its end in another. But every being has a principle: and these principles.

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