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A Word from the Editor

Charles Joseph Albert: The Tiger in the Asian Wood /  Will We Miss the Dirty Tissues?

Barbara McGillicuddy Bolton: Emmanuel/Emmanuella / Quantum Physics/Creation Story (A Pantoum)

Carl Boon: My Father’s Legs

William Doreski: Black Leather Pain / A Stroll to the East / Tappan Zee

Joseph Helminski: Acts / Apostrophe / Good FridayIndoor Animals / October Song

Omri Kadim: The Great Game

Michael Kulp: Motion

Alexander Kustanovich: Foliage, Night (Home Page Photograph) / Twilight, Coney Island (Cover Photograph)

Mitch Levenberg: The Unfigureoutables

Susan L. Miller: Portrait of Angela as Saint Agnes / Portrait of Charles as St. Francis / Portrait of Dija as St. James /
Portrait of E. as St. Thérèse of Lisieux  / Portrait of Sister Carol as St. Cecilia
These poems appear in Communion of Saints: Poems by Susan L. Miller
Copyright @2017 by Susan L. Miller
Used by permission of Paraclete Press

Rebecca Monroe: The Steps

E.K. Ota: Peach Boy

Benjamin Schmitt: Track 66 / Track 79

Claire Scott: Anthropologist / My Mother Continues to Go Insane / That Woman

Austin Theriot: O Andromeda

Robert Walton: Shivering AngelsUriah

Harlan Yarbrough: Peter Pater

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