the druid conversation

by Mary Shanley

the hood, the circle, the knowing glance,
the wink, the nod, the prayers of the faithful,
the chants of monks and nuns, the winning
attitude, the celebration of the seasons,
the country dwellers, the herbs, the flowers,
the tree bark, the roots, the connection,
the balance, the mystery, the revelation,
the seeker, the saint, the sounds, the magnified,
the last word, the eyes, the hand, the earth,
the wind, the reasons, the past life, the questions,
the dreams, the books, the poems, the songs,
the kindred spirits, the familiar, the flesh
and blood, the broken, the wounded, the brave,
the confession, the head, the dance, the fingers,
the shadow, the mark inside ancient cave,
the memories, the beginning of time, déjà vu,
the favorite song, the collection, the fire,
the water, the bakery, the coffee, the conversation