When Matter Sings

by P.C. Scheponik

Matter sings and the song is beautiful. The song is true.
Oxygen and hydrogen’s duet has made a symphony of seas.
Carbon’s solo melodies have raised mountains, carved valleys,
have peopled the earth with flowers and trees,
have filled the waters with fishes, the air with birds, and
butterflies, and bees, the forests and fields with every kind
of man and beast that time’s sacred womb could yield.
When matter sings, I can feel the notes in my cells keeping
time with the tempo, can hear the story matter tells in a song
as deep, as long as time.
When matter sings, I listen as if I’m the only one in the audience,
as if matter’s song were written and sung just for me.
When matter sings, I attend to its perfect melody—
each note sacred, each beat replete with the sound of eternity,
rich, vibrant, scored in the perfect key.
I give thanks each time that matter sings, thanks for the gifts
matter has given me—
a heart with the will to listen to the song.