Table of Contents

Maura Atwood: [Bird]

Joe Bisicchia: The Way

Amy Bassin & Mark Blickley: Each Memory Died Loved / Leap of Faith / Poised / Taking a KneeTerminal Blue [These works were originally published in Bassin and Blickley’s Dream Streams (Clare Songbirds Press, New York, 2019).]

Dorothy Cantwell: Molecules and MemoryThree Girls on a Dirt Road in August

William Crawford: Hemlock Alley. San Francisco. / Sprung! Backyard Fence. Winston-Salem, NC.

Ben D’Alessio: Excerpt from Lunchmeat, a Novel

Lynda DeWitt: Dementia / Fevernity

Natalie Droeske: The Hairdresser

Jim Farfaglia: Recipe

Gabrialla Garofalo: The three of them, in original

Craig Greenman: Quarrel

Edward Lee: Living Forever in the Night

Ann LoLordo: Wanda’s Grove

Keith Moul: Blaine, Washington / Maui, Hawaii / Quebec City, Quebec (Cover) / Seattle, Washington / Washington, DC

JB Mulligan: the hunter

P.S. Nolan: This Rocking Chair

Daniel O’Connell: Kneeling Villanelle

Neil O’Hara: Desolation/Consolation / Penelope

Simon Perchik: Five Poems

Fabrice B. Poussin: And There She Was / Bubbles of Blue / Completion / Crystal / Deep Within

Rebecca Rose: advice for soldiers waiting to be shot / advice for women who have lost their husbands at sea / hydration / The Lonely Lives of Sailors on Dry Land

P.C. Scheponik: The Sorrow and the Shame / When Matter Sings

David Schimmelpfennig: Marketing Parking

JN Shimko: Sonata in B minor

Lisa Tellor-Kelley: Geraldine’s Mantra

Carolyn Westendorf: I Am / Naturally

Tony Whedon: Ascension Series

Ruth Linnea Whitney: The Shell and I

Steven Wingate: Camino Songs / Giving the Husk