Table of Contents

Mark Ari: A Thin Beauty / ToM b / Upon Change
Credit for Photo Used in Poems: Matthew B. Brady
Untitled, Circa 1850-1860, from Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Greg Bayer: God Knows Why

Jane Blanchard: Admission / Govan

Lorraine Caputo: Epiphany

MaKenzie Jean Copp: Adrift / Armor

Jodi Filan: Abstract Flowers (Cover)

Tim Gavin: Divine Property XLII: The Luncheonette / Divine Property XLIV: Blaze / Divine Property LXI: Potential
/ Divine Property LXII: Eternal / Divine Property LXIV: Turkey

Michael Gessner: A Christmas Day / Souls / This Experience of God

Robyn Hunt: Leaning House

Erin Jamieson: Candlelight / This is not the time

Sarah Law: chapel of the annunciation / Hidden Mother / The Virgin Mary as Undiscovered Artist

Mitch Levenberg: The Great Kazin

DS Maolalai: 6:54pm

Tonya Russell: Untitled / Untitled

Claire Scott: Is This What It Comes to at the End

Laura Voivodeship: A Better Sort of Princess / Changeling / Foil